Yellow Quill Resources (YQR) is a one-hundred percent owned and operated privately held company situated in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.  YQR is a business entity of the Yellow Quill First Nation which operates independently and without influence by the Chief and the Council.  YQR was created in 2012 for the sole purposes of matching subsurface resource opportunities to land acquisitions under Yellow Quill First Nation’s treaty land entitlement (TLE) and use of quantum acres.

Yellow Quill under the Saskatchewan TLE Framework Agreement has a remaining quantum of 100,000 acres or 404 km2 – land that can be purchased anywhere in the province of Saskatchewan by the First Nation and converted to reserve status.  Prior to land acquisition strategies being executed, YQR’s practice is always to conduct a thorough due diligence to the presence or absence of resources based on geological findings and research by our Advisory Team.  The unique opportunity presented to YQR is that lands can be acquired with subsurface minerals that may include potash, uranium, gold, diamonds and other precious metals or rare earth minerals.  Properties for oil and gas can also be considered.

As properties are acquired by Yellow Quill, the lands can be converted to reserve status.  Essentially, what this means is that under the Indian Act, legal title to the land is vested in the Crown and that those properties have been set apart by the Crown for the use and benefit of Yellow Quill First Nation.  And Yellow Quill First Nation as a progressive and visionary community, is in process of developing its own unique Land Code or Land Law - that effectively removes the First Nation from certain restrictions of the Indian Act.  It empowers the First Nation to create its own law that is consistent to the provincial or federal government and that can ease business operations and development on its reserve lands.  This is made possible through Yellow Quill First Nation asserting itself as a government with such powers and authorities to create laws that are both unique and beneficial to the community – as well as conducive to business and investment.

Reserve lands also means innovative business opportunities can be afforded to Yellow Quill Resources as a limited partnership  - opportunities through tax exemption under treaty that can create certain production efficiencies in subsurface resources.  Yellow Quill First Nation in collaboration with a national and well respected accounting firm have created an innovative resource development model that has potential for increased margins through operational efficiencies – a competitive advantage that can only be realized through a First Nation owned company whose operations and management are on a reserve in Saskatchewan.

Ambitions of YQR are made possible through the Yellow Quill TLE Advisory team and YQR Advisory team.  The Yellow Quill TLE Advisory Team is led by Ron Waddington.  Mr. Waddington is President and CEO to Yellow Quill Resources, Managing Director to Yellow Quill Holdings, and Managing Trustee to Yellow Quill Treaty Land Entitlement.  Ron is also a band member to Yellow Quill First Nation.  Members to the Yellow Quill TLE Advisory Team have a combined experience of seventy years in First Nation business, First Nation TLE and reserve creation in Saskatchewan.

The YQR Advisory Team is also led by Mr. Waddington.  Members to this Advisory Team have participated in several other resource projects and whose past clients included:  Allan Potash Mines, Alwinsal Potash, Central Canada Potash, Potash Company of America , Sylvite of Canada, Cominco Potash and Agrium, IMC and Mosaic Potash, Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan, Pine Point Mines, Centro Inter-Americano Dessarolla Integra des Aguas et Tierras (Venezuela), CSIR Miningtek (South Africa), AKZO Salt, Kilborn Engineering, Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd, Hudson Bay Mining and Smelting, Alberta Oil Sands Thermal Recovery Authority, Manitoba Mines Branch and CANAMAX, SEDCO Centre, Avonlea Minerals, Cameco Corporation, Athabasca Potash Inc., Saskatchewan Ministry of Energy and Resources, Rallyemont Energy Inc.,  Petroleum Technology Research Centre, Tetrale Geophysics, University of Saskatchewan Department of Civil and Geological Engineering, CanAlaska Uranium Ltd, Radius Gold Inc., Poplar Resources, Winspear Resources Inc., Canamera Geological Ltd, and Noranda Exploration Company Ltd.

YQR is confident that it has assembled the right teams of advisors in TLE and resources that can advance any Saskatchewan resource project from exploration through to its development, application and use of YQR’s resource development model.  For reasons of confidentiality and to protect intellectual property – description of our business model will be limited to brief explanation on this site.